XCellAssay is pioneering innovative 'BioAssay' technologies that enable the low-cost measurement of hormones in ultra-low volumes of serum or urine that a patient can conveniently collect him/herself.  Our technologies enable frequent measurement of the cumulative impact of all agents that affect a hormone's action and that are unique to each individual.  That includes other natural hormones with similar actions, drugs and environmental contaminants that affect hormone action, and even serum proteins that bind the hormone. Please see our 2 minute Introductory Video for more information.

To date, published validation studies demonstrated the accuracy and sensitivity of the approach.  XCellAssay's follow-up clinical studies have shown the integrative BioAssay measurements to improve clinical assessment in two disease areas with others to follow.  The improved relevance of the BioAssay measurements coupled with the low cost and increased frequency of monitoring will enable the tailoring of treatment to an individual's unique situation, permitting personalized health care delivery.

XCellAssay is currently expanding BioAssay measurement to multiple hormone systems and disease states.  Innovative methods for multiplexing the BioAssays have been pioneered by XCellAssay team members and will enable multiple different panels of hormone activities to be measured on a single finger-prick drop of blood.  XCellAssay's vision is to provide an integrated assessment of hormonal status for a variety of hormones and other biologic agents of high need to the clinical, drug discovery, and environmental communities.