About XCellAssay

In modern society, the human body is exposed to ~84,000 manufactured chemicals produced at a rate of ~4 trillion kg annually.  XCellAssay is pioneering 'BioAssay' technologies that enable the ‘load’ of these potentially disruptive chemicals present in a body to be inexpensively measured from a self-collected finger-prick drop of blood.  For an overview of XCellAssay's innovative approach to this emerging societal issue, please view our 2 minute Introductory Video.

Our innovative technologies enable frequent measurement of the cumulative impact of all agents that affect physiology uniquely within each individual.  To date, published validation studies have demonstrated the accuracy and sensitivity of the approach.  XCellAssay's follow-up clinical studies also have shown the integrative BioAssay measurements to improve clinical assessment in multiple disease areas.  The improved relevance of the BioAssay measurements to clinical outcome, coupled with the low cost and increased frequency of monitoring, will enable the tailoring of treatment to each individual's unique situation.

XCellAssay is currently expanding BioAssay measurement to multiple hormone systems and disease states.  Innovative methods for multiplexing the BioAssays have been pioneered by XCellAssay team members and will enable multiple different panels of hormone activities to be measured on a single finger-prick drop of blood.  XCellAssay's vision is to provide an integrated assessment of physiologic status for a variety of biologic agents of high need for clinical and environmental contamination evaluation.

Monitoring Exposure to Chemicals Acting Like "Male Sex Hormones"

Exposures to physiologically powerful, man-made chemicals come in many forms.  One exposure we are familiar with concerns chemicals that act like male sex hormones, often used purposefully to improve athletic performance in professional and elite athletes.  But are you aware that 3% of late teenage males in the US and Europe also self-report taking such drugs?  XCellAssay has been working with the Partnership for Clean Competition for the project "Androgen monitoring of amateur and youth athletes".

Founded in 2008 by the US Olympic Committee, the US Anti-Doping Agency, the National Football League and Major League Baseball, the Partnership for Clean Competition is the premier anti-doping research collaborative that works to protect the integrity of sport and public health by engaging and supporting the world’s top scientists and innovators in high-quality anti-doping research and development.  XCellAssay is honored to receive PCC support for our research related to the Partnership for Clean Competition's mission of detecting and deterring the use of performance enhancing substances by all athletes in all sports at all levels.